Anyone who, like us, has focused exclusively on the development and implementation of medical lights for almost 75 years will be familiar with innovations, improvements and necessities. This includes the latest technical developments as well as practical handling and reliability.

And that’s how we know: innovations are the result of technical excellence. Reliability is the result of perfect craftsmanship. And optimal handling is the result of an in-depth understanding of the market.

Regardless of the Dr. Mach light that you choose ‒ you can always be sure that you will receive an optimal product.


Lightning Technology

  • Different LED units allow finely graduated depth foci at different heights: this means that no manual adjustment is necessary even if the depth of the operating field increases ‒ the light focus is always right
  • Our electronically controlled shadow management ensures that the wound area and field of vision are always optimally illuminated; should your movements block the light, LED lenses switch on in a fraction of a second to prevent shadows
  • The arrangement of computer-calculated, faceted lenses in a separate arrangement offers maximum homogeneity and optimal lighting contrast ‒ up to 160,000 lux
  • An individually adjustable light field setting ensures the constant brightness of the light field; the possible depth illumination ensures that particularly narrow, deep wound areas are optimally illuminated
  • The individual setting of the colour temperature ensures that you have the optimal light colour for every application, in order to recognise tissue type, wound structure and contrasts; up to 69 LED elements provide appropriately cold or warm light ranging from 3500 to 5000 K


  • Laser pointer for clear focusing of the light field ‒ i.e., a fine laser point indicates the centre of the wound area and optimises the alignment of the lights
  • The typical, sterilisable handgrip is not only a distinguishing feature of all Dr. Mach lights, but also a practical control element: a single ring sets and activates depth light, colour temperature and the laser pointer
  • All of our setting panels can be operated intuitively and control various electronic functions: on/off, depth light, brightness, colour temperature, the laser pointer, endo-light
  • A streamlined ring shape, optimised surfaces and coordinated heat management offer optimal conditions for laminar flow systems and ensure that you keep a cool head ‒ free from heat build-up
  • Dr. Mach lights are suitable for almost any application ‒ be it on the ceiling, wall, or on the move on a tripod


  • The crucial factor: we manufacture our products ourselves, in our own production facility on the outskirts of Munich; here, modern computer-controlled machinery operates side-by-side with experienced skilled craftsmen
  • Wiring connections are laid and connected by hand, threaded connections are checked for leaks, and every luminaire undergoes a personal final inspection
  • Our lights have a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours; in practice, however, our lights are usually used several times longer than that
  • Our service team maintains a long-term stock of spare parts ‒ even for decades-old lights that still function perfectly; we ship daily