Our long tradition, extraordinary quality standards and the high level of vertical integration constitute a demanding commitment ‒ particularly for management. Highly skilled, with a keen eye for the day-to-day business and our customer’s requirements in over 60 countries, our business has built up many years of continuous success. Our hierarchies are flat, and our bond with the Bavarian region in the Munich technology belt is palpable. Three proven experts, each of whom personally ensures that lights from Dr. Mach are unique.


Dr. Hansjörg Schößer, Chief Executive Officer

"In everything that we do, we keep one thing in mind: the value to our customers and the best solution for their work in the interests of health. I thoroughly enjoy taking on this challenge over and over again. And overcoming it."


Helmut Rappenglix, Chief Operations Officer

"For many years, I have ensured that quality and processes have maintained consistently high levels, and develop with market requirements. I give it my best every day. Because I know that that is exactly what our customers expect."