Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Müller, HNO Chirurgie, München

German MED-Light Solutions

At Dr. Mach, when it comes to luminaires and lights, we aren’t only thinking about lux, electrical circuits and production processes. Rather, we are more concerned about reliability, freedom from fatigue at work, and versatility ‒ in short: about health.

This is probably why our lights are among the best in the world.



There are certain things that we simply don’t compromise on: the development, implementation and manufacture of our products. We are well aware that our medical lights are an important tool for doctors around the world. They therefore consistently meet the highest standards ‒ in terms of technology, production and lifespan. Because you can only operate reliably at the highest level if we give our best.


When it comes to high-quality lights, times have never been better than today. Digitisation, IoT and modern lighting technologies offer new, exciting opportunities for improvement. With this in mind, we are constantly developing new functionalities to ensure that you can work more effectively: cascade systems, shadow management, electronic light field adjustment, video systems and innovative colour temperature management, to name but a few. And we’re already working on our next innovation.



We have been developing and constructing medical lights for almost 75 years. Thanks to this experience, we are well versed in the perfect applications for medical practice. Be it sterile surfaces, grips that incorporate functionality, heat-dissipating designs or our self-explanatory control panels, lights from Dr. Mach guarantee maximum ease of use. When combined with our own in-house manufacturing capabilities, the result is a level of perfection that can be felt day after day, week after week and year after year.



New headquarters

Dr. Mach’s new home has been under construction now for a number of months, on a surface area of 12,000 m². To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we are giving ourselves a new headquarters, which will bring the administration, development, production, service and shipping together under one roof. This will introduce process optimisation and significantly enhanced efficiency. Naturally, we are staying true to our Upper Bavarian roots, ensuring that in future, Dr. Mach will continue to represent the highest in "Made in Germany" quality.

The measure of all things

The new standard in high-quality surgical lights can be described with three letters and a single number: LED 8. The new flagship from Dr. Mach offers a wealth of ground-breaking features: shadow management, video and cascade systems, functional design, self-explanatory usability and much more make LED 8 the new benchmark for modern surgical lighting.

Operating comfortably

Things are looking bright in Provins, in the Paris metropolitan area ‒ and for the surgeons at the Léon Bînet hospital facility in particular. For a number of weeks now, a Dr. Mach LED 6/8 light combination has provided lighting for surgery in the operating theatre there. Thanks to its innovative cascade system, multicolour options and intuitive usability, work is noticeably less fatiguing and more comfortable.